Custom Machining FAQs


Q: What does the “Ant” have to do with Diligence?
A: The ant is synonymous with Diligence, a symbol of hard work ethics and staying on task. At Diligence we use those qualities to give you the best quality products in a timely manner.

: ¹dil·i·gence : 'di-l&-j&n(t)s 1 a : persevering application : ASSIDUITY


Q: What's your typical lead time?
A: We accept “emergency” orders and will do all we can to accommodate the lead time needed, but "normal" lead times range from two weeks to eight weeks.


Q: How large of a part can you handle?
A: As we are continually expanding our capabilities we ask that you view our CAPABILITIES list for our current machine capacities.


Q: How should we send you files and drawings?
A: Please go to the CONTACT US page of this site to email or call us for instructions on how to safely use our FTP site to upload drawings. Smaller files that aren’t part prints can be emailed through our


Q: How do you package and ship?
A: Shipments go worldwide from Diligence, Inc. They are safely and securely wrapped, boxed, and banded via UPS or other common carrier.


Q: What level of difficulty can your machine shop handle?
A: We pride ourselves on the ability to tackle almost any job, and we are known for doing what others say is impossible. Give us a try.