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Bill Mosby: Remmele Engineering

"These Citizen Cincom M Series videos were very informative, inspirational and helped me in many areas to succeed in becoming a good swiss machinist at Remmele. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is going to seriously pursue a career in the swiss machines.


Bruce’s theories and concepts are very simplified in his videos, which make the viewer/student very comfortable and not overwhelmed while trying to comprehend information. The step-by-step processes with narration are unbeatable in comparison to any published books or manuals I have seen.


I would highly recommend Bruce as a trainer also, as I received hands-on and written training with him at different times with Remmele. Many technical colleges are just starting to “touch on” many subjects that Bruce and his videos already cover."

Dean Ewing: Remmele Engineering 

"Bruce’s videos are very informational. The G700 type codes and the G12.1 information really helped a lot. I knew a lot of the regular codes having worked on Fanucs and similar programming types, but the videos really put it into perspective for me and helped me with the stuff that was different."

Lenny Wurm: UMC, Inc.

"I thought the (9) tapes were very in-depth, giving detailed programming information, step by step, with good explanations of the M-20 programming codes. I liked the fact that I could go out to our machine and apply the training instantly after viewing it.


Seeing the movements of the machine on the video after the description of the particular programming code is very helpful letting you know where and how the machine will be moving upon choosing that code.


I would definitely recommend the (9) tape series to others wishing to optimize their swiss operations. The nice thing about the tapes is that countless others in your swiss department can view them at no additional cost."

Jeff Smith: Productivity, Inc. 

"The advantage of the videos is that you can see the examples instead of reading it from a book. Reading from a book can be confusing, but if you read the code and than see it actually run in the machine, that is the great thing about them."

Al Germscheid: Remmele Engineering

"Remmele Engineering, Inc. went through an extensive training initiative to increase our workforce’s skills in Swiss Style Machining a few years back and the training was provided by Bruce Ellingson of Diligence, Inc. Bruce did an excellent job of teaching our machinists and Apprentice Machinists the basics of swiss machining and then followed that up, after some applied hands on experience, with an advanced set-up skills training class.


Bruce also has developed a library of tapes that a machinist who hasn’t worked on a swiss style machine to view and understand what it takes to learn and run a swiss style machine. Many of our machinists who want to learn more about swiss machining or to even brush up on their swiss machining skills continue to view the tapes.


Over the years, Bruce has also provided us with one-on-one troubleshooting mentoring training with some of the same machinists to help them think problems through in a more systematic approach. Bruce has an excellent training approach and has helped to increase the skill base of many of our Swiss Machinists."

Steve Piatt: Remmele Engineering

"Bruce has a very good understanding of Screw Machines and their capabilities and is able to pass that knowledge on in a very easy to use method."

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