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Precision Machining and Engineering

  • Machining since 1982

    • Job shop/ Jig and Fixture

    • Custom Machine building

    • Tool and Cutter Grinding

  • Programming since 1987

    • Mills / Lathes

    • Custom Machines

    • Swiss CNC Lathes since 1997

  • Cad design work since 1988

    • Jig & Fixture Design

    • Special Tooling Design and Building

    • New products

  • Application Engineering since 1996

    • CNC Mills / Lathes

    • Swiss CNC Lathes

Let our experience work for you

Bruce Ellingson, president of Diligence Inc, has been involved in the manufacturing industry since 1982. His technical expertise comes from extensive training and practical experience being employed at high-end shops in the Minneapolis area. After graduating with a degree in tool and die from Anoka Tech, he worked at a job shop, pattern making shop, fixture shop, two custom machine-building shops and a machine tool dealer as an application engineer.

Bruce prides himself in being an inventor with a high degree of creativity. He has a diverse background in the machining field and has excelled in process improvement and tooling creation and use. He is fluent in most programming languages that deal with machine tools and has done a lot of manual programming. This includes experience in Custom Macro B and CAM systems such as Esprit, Surf Cam, Path Trace and others.

His varied work experience was put to the test at Industrial Tool where he successfully programmed systems designed for metal removal. These types of machines run parts through a series of stations, some with up to 9 CNC controlled axes. He has programmed grinding machines with two-foot diameter CBN wheels spinning at 27,000 SFPM for helical lawn mower blades to robotic loaded fully automated CNC cells.

Bruce was employed by Productivity Inc. working with customers on production ready projects to help companies save time and money on their new CNC machines. He took over the application engineering on all the Swiss CNC lathes that Productivity sells, with some of these machines having up to 9 axes.

In order to expand his knowledge, Bruce started Diligence Inc. This endeavor started out with training machinists on multi axis Swiss CNC machines, programming various CNC machines, and helping people set up first time jobs. Process engineering and creating programs was also done as well as fixture design and engineering. Now the business has expanded to include machine shop services.

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